Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Imagine… a world with our children leading a new future, crossing borders, and loving to learn what they don’t understand, instead of fearing it.

Shakespeare is said to have attended the Stratford Grammar School from his childhood days.

Imagine what would have happened if such a great mind was deprived of his education. It is quite clear that he acquired a fine grasp of the language while he did his schooling there. If that wasn’t the case, English literature and the world might have missed out on the best classics ever written in the language.

It makes you more confident and strong and lets you have that competitive edge over your contemporaries. Education prepares you for all the challenges you might face tomorrow.

5 Reasons to choose I English U

Number ONE! We do more than just prepare our students for tests, we believe in making well-rounded individuals who are confident in themselves by exercising their communication skills and challenging our students in creative ways.

Number TWO! Our team doesn’t just teach, they connect with students as real people and want the best for them!

Number THREE! I English U is constantly evolving and researching for the best methods and approaches to keep our students ahead and engaged!

Number FOUR! Our facilities are one of the cleanest and newest in Seoul! A great environment is key for child/young adult development.

Number FIVE! Our students love being here! We want to make sure that our kids are constantly motivated to learn more! Positive reinforcement is how we can build and retain practical habits for a lifetime!

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We are always happy to advise you on the best course for you. Simply contact our team.