Our teaching principles

  • Our main value is that English is never boring. Students should always be engaged and interested in their teachers and vice versa;
  • We know firsthand how English makes life easier;
  • We use 100% English;
  • Each of our activities is special;
  • We constantly adapt to keep our student’s interest with multiple ideas and activities;
  • We have a certain sequence of lesson plans and materials to use;
  • We are constantly learning since we are active participants of educational seminars and fairs;
  • Mutual trust – we share our personal experience – conversational practice. We discuss some problems or moments from life together.

The world should be utilized as an interactive space to inspire young students in English as to discover new opportunities and create profound life experiences.


World is a Playground! English is Inspiring!

Facilitating a Customized Learning Experience in the World of Global ‘Englishes’ focusing on aspects such as Speaking, Writing, Science, Craft, Geography, Music & Culture.

I English U Inspires Young Leaders To Engage With The World Through English.


Nurturing Young Leaders To Design Their Future With The Power Of English.

We Envision A World Connected By People, Using English As A Gateway To Network And Collaborate With Like-Minded Individuals And Institutions From Around The Globe.

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We are always happy to advise you on the best course for you. Simply contact our team.