Introduction to the Academy’s teaching philosophy and methodology.

     At I English U Academy, we focus on creating a warm and friendly environment that helps children develop a love for learning English. Our teaching approach is all about making learning engaging and fun, while still providing high-quality English education.

     Our teaching approach involves a 100% native English-speaking policy in our classes, except for preschool classes where we have Korean staff to help with translation when necessary. Our classes are equipped with Smart TVs to make the lessons more interactive and dynamic, and we use a ClassDojo point system to motivate and encourage participation in class.

     We believe that incorporating cultural elements and real-life scenarios into the classroom helps make language learning more interesting and meaningful for students. That’s why our teachers are all native speakers who can provide an authentic perspective on the language and culture.

     We use comprehensive American textbooks as a foundation for our lessons, but we also customize the material to meet each student’s individual needs and interests. We also encourage creativity and self-expression in the language, which helps build confidence and fluency.

     Our ultimate goal is to help children develop a lifelong love of English and make our classes both educational and entertaining.

English Is The Passport To The World, Opening Doors To New Opportunities And Connections.

자녀분들의 영어 능력을 확인하세요. 무료 캠브리지 레벨 테스트를 지금 간단하게 예약하실수있습니다.

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