Let’s introduce ourselves!

Our English academy is run by a motivated team and experienced English teachers who have a strong desire in helping children develop their language skills.

Teaching English is a delicate balance of skill, intuition, careful planning, and empathy. It requires patient, smart, and qualified people to do it well. And these are the type of people that will teach you at I English U Academy.

Meet Our Teachers

Hello! My name is Oliver. My first language is Spanish, but at a pre-K age I moved with my family from Mexico to the United States I understand firsthand the trials and tribulations of not just integrating into a new language, but an entirely different culture.

I believe that understanding a student’s needs runs deeper than how to prepare them to pass an exam. I want to help people reach the hearts of other like-minded peers, especially those who don’t speak the same language. In the same way that my teachers helped me, I want to lift up the kids of today!


Good afternoon! Let’s get acquainted!

My name is Nadezhda. I am the CEO of the school “I English U”. My husband, two children, and I came from a small but beautiful island, Sakhalin. We are ethnic Koreans; our grandparents are from the Republic of Korea. We have been living in Korea for more than 3 years, but during these years, many events have helped us to look at life differently and reconsider values and goals in life.

I started learning English seriously only at the age of 25. Knowledge of English opened up great opportunities and helped me achieve self-realization and success in life. I have worked for large foreign companies (such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, American Express, Saipem). I visited many countries, met interesting people, studied their culture, ways of life… They were different people, but we all spoke the same language – English. English is an integral part of me!

And we opened not just a school – we open the door to the wonderful World of the English language for your children, help children fall in love with English, and reveal the potential and opportunities of each child. Most importantly, we will help your child fulfill themselves, not be afraid to speak English, and be self-confident and successful in later life.

Vice Principal & Head of Academics

Let’s greet our Vice-principal, Anastasiia – a veteran educator with the insight and experience to catapult our kids to the next level!

Nadezda: “Of course, opening an academy did not come by chance. It happened that we met Anastasiia, a teacher with extensive experience and boundless ideas. This is a creative and purposeful person who loves children, and who knows how to find an approach to any child. The encounter with Anastasia led us to the idea of opening a school. Anastasiia instilled an interest in learning English in my children, and we witnessed and celebrated the children’s success. Anastasiia accepted our offer to move together in a new direction, and head the academic department of the Academy”.

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