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We ensure that all teachers and employees are of the highest quality to provide the best experience for students. To know more about our teachers, click here.

At I English U Academy, all our teachers are native English speakers, providing a complete English immersion experience. While we don’t have Korean teachers, our dedicated staff ensures that language is tailored to meet the understanding of all students. Additionally, we have Korean staff members who are ready to assist in any situation.

We use a variety of methods and resources in our program, which is based on CEFR international language standards – the Blended English Learning System. We focus on 21st-century learning skills, including communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, through activities such as speaking, writing, science, crafts, geography, music, and culture. For further information, please visit the Curriculum section.

In our curriculum, we incorporate a range of books, including Wonders and American Family and Friends, alongside our specially developed materials. To explore our curriculum, please visit the Curriculum section on our website.

Yes, we offer a convenient shuttle bus service for our students. To inquire about bus availability and price, please contact us at 02-2297-9092.

We use the Cambridge English Assessment to evaluate a student’s level based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) six levels in order to place them in the appropriate curriculum. The test duration ranges from 50 to 90 minutes, depending on the level and is free of charge. To book a level test, please contact us at 02-2297-9092.

Yes, students can participate in a trial class after taking a level test. If the student has not studied English before, we can schedule a trial class specifically for beginners. The trial class is free of charge. To book a level test or inquire about a trial class, please contact us at 02-2297-9092.

We utilize a variety of resources at the academy. One of our favorites is, which provides excellent materials for young learners’ coursework. Additionally, we utilize Class Dojo for effective communication with parents and to maintain a comprehensive grading system for our students.

We have a range of special programs available at our academy. One of our most popular offerings is our Summer & Winter English Camps, where students can fully immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment for 10 days. Our camps are a perfect blend of educational activities and fun, allowing students to make new friends and enjoy their vacation while learning English.

For advanced level students, we also offer Debate Camps, where students can enhance their debating skills and develop critical thinking abilities. To learn more about our special programs, please click here.

자녀분들의 영어 능력을 확인하세요. 무료 캠브리지 레벨 테스트를 지금 간단하게 예약하실수있습니다.

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