Let’s introduce ourselves!

Our English academy is run by a motivated team and experienced English teachers who have a strong desire in helping children develop their language skills.

Teaching English is a delicate balance of skill, intuition, careful planning, and empathy. It requires patient, smart, and qualified people to do it well. And these are the type of people that will teach you at I English U Academy.

Meet Our Teachers

Introducing Alex de la Concepcion: A Passionate Methodologist Dedicated to Your Child’s Success!

Hello, my name is Alex! I have been teaching children for over 10 years and English learners for 5 years. I grew up in a household that used three languages so I recognize that learning another language is full of challenges. In my class, I work with enthusiasm and positivity to make sure my students are in an engaging and supportive environment. I teach in a manner that encourages students to speak without a fear of making mistakes. I’m happy to work with learners of different levels and open up a wealth of cultural insights!

Sincerely, Alex.

Introducing Oliver: A Fun and Friendly Teacher Instilling a Love of English in Children!

Hello! My name is Oliver. I understand firsthand the trials and tribulations of integrating into a new language and culture. I believe that understanding a student’s needs runs deeper than how to prepare them to pass an exam. I want to help people reach the hearts of other like-minded peers, especially those who don’t speak the same language.

Introducing Brian: A Teacher Inspiring Passion and Excellence in Education with Extensive Expertise!

Hi, I’m Brian. I feel that the key to learning is exploring for oneself hands on while interacting with others. It has been in this way that I have adjusted to living abroad, so I want to bring that connection and intrigue directly to my students. By keeping people engaged and fascinated, I hope to encourage everyone to play and experiment with what they learn and find their own path to fully expressing themselves so the world can see their potential.

CEO – Nadezhda Chen

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We are always happy to advise you on the best course for you. Simply contact our team.